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Arch liner

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I noticed at the weekend that the driver's side front arch liner had ripped from its mounting point. Looks to have been caused by stones because the pain has been chipped off the mount as well. I've seen this is a known issue but my cars out of warranty.

The replacement part is £205. Before I buy the most expensive piece of felt in existence does anyone know if these have been upgraded at all so they won't rip?

Is there an alternative option for replacing or covering it to protect it?
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Last week mine was in to have the nearside arch replaced under warranty. I can confirm that they have not changed in any way.

We'll see how long this one lasts...
How did you manage to get yours replaced under warranty?

I'm asking because I hit a large puddle on a B road early this evening and guess what's happened - yup, tore the liner away from the mounting 🤬
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