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Arch liner

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I noticed at the weekend that the driver's side front arch liner had ripped from its mounting point. Looks to have been caused by stones because the pain has been chipped off the mount as well. I've seen this is a known issue but my cars out of warranty.

The replacement part is £205. Before I buy the most expensive piece of felt in existence does anyone know if these have been upgraded at all so they won't rip?

Is there an alternative option for replacing or covering it to protect it?
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We need a fellow member who is competent in 3D design :) to create one and at the same time integrate an Arch guard into a single piece that can be printed.
Pretty much anyone is competent enough to design stuff in 3D from scratch if they download some free software and watch a few videos ... example below of some badges I designed for fun. The final printed result didn't look too bad, but the optics of raw 3D printed plastic is a bit rough. I might work on the idea a bit, and use different 3D printers to get a better result. I'm using Fusion 360 at the moment which is a bit of a steep learning curve but not impossible (and it costs nothing). No need to buy a 3D printer, just go and either find someone on eBay providing a 3D print service or look up a specialist supplier.

Anyway, although the carbon guards are unquestionably lovely, and an asset to any Giulia, they also don't support the felt from behind, and on my car the felt is 'pushed in' by the water. I'm thinking a better approach is to use some thin plastio sheeting, just template it up and cut it out.. much as people are doing with paint trays. 3D printing is probably overkill..

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