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Hello all,

My real name is Diet Bos, I am living in Schoonhoven, a small town in Holland. Became a proud Alfa owner some time ago starting with a blue 147 1.6 16v TS. Enjoyed it a lot, almost without any problems ;) so it became a benchmark for a follow up car. Since the pram did not fit the boot of the 147 i opted to go for a bigger car :devious: which obvious again had to be an AR.
my wife and i agreed quite quickly that the best looking car ever was the 159 wagon so one thing led to another and now we got one for almost 3/4 of a year. The trouble began quickly afterwards, with a malfunctioning steering lock mechanism, which as a true alfa was self repairable by the car ( the notification disappeared after a month or so, with the steering lock functioning as it should) This summer we went on holiday to france with my motorbike on a trailer, and nearing our destination the check engine came on, since that light was orange i wasnt to bothered, because orange is just a warning light, nothing serious :rofl: so when we got back we went to the carshop, had a readout and p0016 appeared. the light is still on, i am waiting for the rattling to begin :hehe:

Any way : here is my beauty :


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