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I am an avid Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV owner who owns 3 of them and who believes that it is the last piece of Auto Art.

I live between Los Angeles, California, USA and Alexandria, Egypt were I keep my cars.

MyAlfetta GTV 1979 is powered by an Alfa Romeo M engine previously used by the Italian Police, its exact specs are confidential.

The Cairo - Alexandria desert road is my playground. At night there is no traffic control and no radars. I rule with my GTV. My list of victims include all new cars produced. My last sacrifice was a young foolish BMW driver who burned his engine pushing it to the limit racing with me at 200 Km/H driving his RPM well into the danger zone. The poor boy didn't know that I was still in my 4th gear. Top speed reached on this road is only 220 Km/H on a dark night after midnight. I couldn't reach the top speed of the car yet because of the very bad road conditions but I had a lot of juice left and the pedal was far from floored.

Now as my sons are old enough I gave each of them a GTV.

I formed a group on Facebook dedicated to this amazing car, you are all invited to join.


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