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Hello to Alfa owners,
Hope you are all well during these times of uncertainty.

Last two years were complete stress for me with a lot of repairs involved.
Currently I have one broken hose. I ordered exchange but received completely different hose instead. much smaller one.

After a lot of research, it looks hoses are incorrectly connected on my car, and might be the reason of multiple issues and a lot of money spent recently.

Attaching diagram of a cooling system


the problem I have is with hose number 2 on diagram.
As per instructions it goes from inlet tube (aluminium part no: 1)
and goes into EGR Heat Exchanger (visible on the graph but with no number)

On my car, for any reason, setup is completely different. The pipe attached to the same hole of metal inlet pipe,
is very long and goes somewhere underneath (really hard to say for sure), but I guess it is connected to transmission (q-tronic) heat exchanger.
transmission cooling.png
it is number 1 part of second diagram.
after from that radiator/heat exchanger (sorry I am quite noob, so hope you will understand my wording)
another long hose goes back to where we started to exactly same hose of EGR heat exchanger.

this is all extremely confusing, and local Alfa centre is far from trusted, so not really sure, who I can ask locally.

would you be so kind to explain me, what is wrong with the setup I currently have.

I am pretty sure, diagrams are correct, but if so, I need to understand what shall I do with those two hoses going to Transmission cooler, instead of a mess I currently have there.

I guess hoses I am talking about:
hose connected to inlet pipe and going long way to transmission exchanger
as well as return hose going all the way back to EGR heat exchanger are hoses with
50504033 / 50504032

Thank you in advance for all the help, and please let me know if I can be of any help, so I can photograph anything else etc.

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Hey, so. On the Qtronic Cars, there is a cooling loop that goes through the Laminova Cooler on the Gearbox. From memory this is via hose 2 location in that diagram, so it just extends the cooling system down to the gearbox, in one side and back out the other and back up to where it returns to the cooling system (i think pipes 3 &4 in the second image)

On my vehicle, I have removed the EGR completely, and also I have moved away from a Laminova oil cooler and to a larger traditional cooling radiator, so i just have a small loop from one outlet on the aluminium pipe to the other bypassing a load of stuff.

So what is the actual problem you have, or you think you have that has caused you all the problems you mention?

You can email me at [email protected] btw.
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