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For those of you who like numbers, new car registration figures for April have been released.

Overall the new car market is down by 7.42% on the same month last year, and is not expected to show signs of improvement until the end of the year.

Alfa however, continue to improve; selling 1,313 cars in April, compared to just 584 in the same month last year. They look to be on target so break through 10,000 cars in the UK this year.

Fiat's troubles continue, selling just 2,941 cars (down 26.84%); a figure that is no doubt still influenced by the end of the scrappage scheme.

Maserati managed to sell 32 cars, down from 46 last year.

Jeep sold 150 vehicles, a 40.19% increase.

Chrysler sold just 18 cars (!).

The most popular car was once again the Ford Fiesta, selling 6,755 units.

Source: SMMT
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