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Applecross road "And most of Scotland"

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Hi Guys.

Just back from doing the Applecross road. Best run I have done "ever". Over 500 miles in total.

This would be a great trip for the club. I would do it again July or august if it was to be an Alfa outing. It would be for people who will drive for a long time. I was driving for 10 to 12 hours over the two days. It was so worth it. I have been all over Scotland and this was the best yet.

Cost me a good bit, but it could be done on a budget. 3.2 and highland fuel prices is not a good mix, but as I say well worth every penny.

I will try to add pics and route below. never done it before , so we'll see if it works. First Run/P6250638_zpscae87b0c.jpg First Run/P6250634_zpsdb492d1c.jpg First Run/P6250633_zps1a102709.jpg First Run/P6250632_zpsee8a2265.jpg First Run/P6250631_zps34f99458.jpg First Run/P6250625_zps0c63b949.jpg First Run/P6250624_zps97a69077.jpg First Run/P6250623_zps8be95d04.jpg First Run/P6250622_zps27da4779.jpg First Run/firstcolourbw_zps0d1ee21d.jpg First Run/firstcolour_zps6b878912.jpg


Hartwood, North Lanarkshire, UK to Hartwood Rd - Google Maps
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We did the Applecross road a couple of years ago on the AOS Tour. We'll do it again, it's not on my radar for next year though.
Keep an eye out for next years run.........
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