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Apple Carplay for 2017 model, we may just had a new option!

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hello everyone, I am one of the 2017 Giulia QV owners who has always dreamed about getting an update for apple carplay.
But we never did as this is the only model year does not offer the option.
I had a friend who is a used car dealer. He recently told me one customer bought him a carplay kit and asked if can install it for him.
It is a 17 QV And it supports wireless carplay!
Here is the photo after installation. Is anyone interested? let me know I have already asked him to order me one.
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Does anyone else's unit crash (freeze, not reboot), when you get multiple notifications or provide it with successive inputs (e.g. hitting next track a few times) using Android Auto? Mine does occasionally, I can live with it if it's a general issue either with the unit or AA (I think AA is a bit flaky in general) ... but wondered if it was just me!?
Mine froze up once on the first day when I pressed menu a few times in succession, but has been perfect since (wireless AA). I found you should limit the apps you open, I think I had Amigo, Google Maps, Waze, Spotify and YT music all running at the time.
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I am planning to buy an ENG Custom unit.
I have a few questions:

- When using wired AA, does it charge the phone through the USB?

-when using wired ACP, does it charge the phone through the USB?

-Is anyone using wireless AA successfully with a Samsung S9 phone, running Android 10? Does it get hot or laggy?

If you could help me with any of these questions, I would really appreciate the help.
I'll help where I can:

1. Yes, it charges but veeeery slowly.
2. I don't have iPhone so can't feedback sorry
3. I use wireless AA with a Note 10+ and it's seamless (running Android 11 now, but was working well with Android 10 before it updated). It doesn't get hot, and discharges approx. 15% per hour when using spotify and waze wirelessly. To top up, I have plugged into the centre console cigarrette port a Baseus 45W 6A dual USB charger which is provides a massive boost to the phone battery if needed in a short time, much more effective than USB charging, highly recommended.
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Motorised boot anybody?!?!

I was upset when I discovered my rear boot mat added 1kg of weight to my QV, not interested in adding several more kg's :LOL:
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