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Ok had my 156 selespeed since November 2006.

It had......reputedly, new actuators and gearbox work just before i had it.
With this i felt more at ease buying it!
Its been realtively trouble free, just the usual car niggles.

But i fear its all about to change!

On Saturday it decided-after a long drive (out cycling!) that it didn't want to stay in 5th.
I pulled away after a rest break and noticed a noice in 1st. Athough the noise isn't good it didn't stop it changing through the gears. Until it got to 5th. It soon popped out

Monday morning it doesn't want to drive properly at all, and the noise is horrendous!
It sounds gearbox (mechanical) to me, but i have read all about the selespeed problems. Add to this i have no lights flashing. Confused!

I really don't know where to start. Are there Any Alfa specialists around the Telford/Shropshire area?
I've tried my usual mechanic and he really doesn't want to get involved. Neither do 2 of the G'box specialists in Telford!

Please help.....i'm worried it may be a right off at the moment!

Sorry for the essay.......but i'm stuck and i need your help!:cry:

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Or join Green Flag and have it brought down to me, it does sound very boxy, if the main bearing has gone in the box then the clutch will be used in it's place and that really does sound horendous. But it is fixable.
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