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The majority of AOSS members are also members of Alfabook and will be aware of our meet this coming Sunday at the Kelpies. Meant to post up this meet earlier for non facebooky folks , sorry :bow:

Currently looking at 18 enthusiasts braving the November weather however it's not looking that bad for Sunday night .....It might even be "dry" will be a bit chilly though so scarves and hats will be required.

We meet at the Kelpies at 7pm

Spectacular by day , sensational by night ..... car parking is free after 5pm , the cafe is closed so you might want to bring a flask .... :paranoid:

2016 event plans afoot for AOSS .....2015 has been an uneventful year primarily due to the shocking weather which caused a few events to be cancelled but hopefully 2016 might offer some more consistent summer weather .... if we are being honest we didn't really get a summer this year.

Everyone is welcome to come along ...... :thumbup:
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