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AO Car Of The Year 2019: The Nomination Thread

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It's time for The AO Car Of The Year Competition :thumbs:

The winner will receive a one year Premio subscription to the Alfaowner Club as a prize and the "AO Car of the Year" title added to their profile.

The person to nominate the winning car will receive a one year Medio subscription to the Alfaowner Club
(* first person only & not nominating their own Alfa)

Here are the Lounges that were are accepting nominations for:

Alfa 75, RZ, SZ
Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
Alfa 145 & 146
Alfa 155
Alfa 147, 156 & GT
Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
Alfa 164 & 166
Alfa GTA
Alfa 8C & 8C Spider
Alfa MiTo
Alfa Giulietta
Alfa Giulia
Alfa Stelvio
4C & 4C Spider
The Classic Alfa Romeos


1. There will be a period of at least 4 weeks from this post to nominate a car.

2. The AO Staff will confirm the eligibility of cars.

3. A poll including all valid entries will be set up to allow voting for the winner.

4. A winner will be announced.


1. Entry is by posting one picture in this thread, or link to a picture, with the Lounge it is nominated for & a link to the AOer's account (see Rules below).


1. Nominations can only be provided for your own Alfa or for an other AOer's Alfa.

You must post a picture or provide a link to a picture of the car. (if it's a link to a post with more than 1 pic please indicate which pic you would like to used for the nomination)

You must provide a link to the AOer's account & the AOer must be a current member & have joined AO on or before 10th November 2019.

Failure to comply with the above may result in an invalid nomination.

2. Entrants with more than one car are allowed to have their other cars nominated in the respective lounges but only 1 car per lounge (first nominated).

3. Voting will be closely monitored by staff.

4. Any vote rigging, or behaviour not considered to be in the spirit of the "competition", will be dealt with severely.

5. Vote rigging consists of organised campaigns, use of additional or multiple accounts, coercion, promoting membership for voting purposes or any other method to increase votes for one entrant, against the spirit of the competition.

6. The recipient of the vote rigging may be removed from the contest and sanctions may be imposed on the participants.

7. Decisions made to remove pictures/votes or impose sanctions will be the result of at least two Staff agreeing the sanction; and not open for further discussion.

8. reserve the right to end the competition early or amend the rules, in the event of error or abuse of the process.

9. Any questions should be directed to David P

10. Finally...please do not undermine this light hearted competition, ruining the hard work of all involved and the forum, or spoil it for the car/owners nominated.

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Get nominating people, remember whoever nominates the winning entry gets a Medio subscription for a year* ;)

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I’m nominating myself here with my beautiful Alfa Romeo Brera S-V6 which has been carefully modified to make it a very good handling road car, but also one which is very capable on track.
This picture is from when the car took on the Nurburgring nordschleife.

since then the car has been driving around the Nurburgring GP circuit, Bedford autodrome, curborough ring and most recently Silverstone GP circuit.

the list of modifications is endless and is listed on the Brera Section.

Thanks for looking! I hope you like the tasteful modifications that help make this Brera a slightly more lean and nippy Alfa :)

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Get nominating people, remember whoever nominates the winning entry gets a Medio subscription for a year* ;)
What I said (y)

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I’m entering my own modified Brera S v6, used this October as my wedding car. View attachment 930260
More pictures and details please!
Your car looks very very low - is it driveable like that?
Congratulations on the nuptials by the way.

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Get nominating people, remember whoever nominates the winning entry gets a Medio subscription for a year* ;)
More entries required ;)

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I'm going to nominate myself aswell?
Here he is, my Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 TS. With some very different styling cues. For example the Kerscher Futura 17 rims, not the typical alfa choice. But that's what made me pick him, exactly one year ago, when I got my drivers license.
First car, what better than an Alfa? am I right?

I learned quite a bit on him - fitting an exhaust, making custom speaker brackets, getting the best out of the michelin tyres, sound proofing for that extra luxurious feeling etc. lots of lessons learned, which made for the best weekends ever ?

I even get to test the new toys when driving to school, what is a better way to start a day?

Thanks everyone for reading and enjoy your Alfa's, every... single... day!

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No vote due to lack of entries, maybe there'll be more interest next time.
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