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Anyone who has taken there front bumber off 156 facelift

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Ive had my front bumper off and I want to make sure I fit it back correctly, its been off before and look like some washers are missing

On the facelift there are 3x bolt on the O/S and 2x on the N/S screwing the bumper into the wing (access the bolts by removing the wheel arch liner)

2 of there bolts had a thick aluminium washer.

I suspect that all the bolt should be using this washer, Has anyone else found washers on these bolts ?

Just got off the phone from the dealer who swears blind that Alfa dont supply washers for any bolts on the front bumper :/
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Dealer is probably right :eek: Bumper is usually held on by large flat head torx screws p/n 51810310; if yours have washers on someone has probably replaced the originals with ordinary M6 bolts and had to use washers to match the head of the originals. These screws are the same where the front of the undertray and bumper are fixed to the crossmember under the rad. The torx heads often get chewed up, hence why yours may have been replaced.
The original screws look like this; look at the rear bumper fixings under the boot lid; they are the same screws.
According to ePer there is a front bumper fixing kit available; ask your dealer, it may be cheaper than buying the screws separately.
The same screws are used all through the Fiat range and, apparently, these same screws are also used on Ferraris and Maseratis; must be an Italian thing :)
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