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Anyone want a new 156 Boot Badge?

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I think it's for a 156 anyway. The swivel is at the top. It might fit other models I am not sure.

Bought it for my GTV at Spring Alfa Day from the parts people that were there only to find when I came to fit it that it was not the right one for a GTV.

It will be going to the next Rivington meet with me and for the price of a sausage barm and a cup of coffee it's available to whoever shouts first.
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I don't think it's for a 156 either, if it has a swivel. (Although it might be that it differs between different ages / body styles?). My 53 SW has no swivel (as it happens, I replaced mine from the very same source).

Perhaps it's for a 145, they definitely had a swiveling badge.
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