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Hello you all.

I'am looking for selling my P4, but i have one problem. I have no idea what its worth!
6 months ago there was one for sale in germany for 5000€ and one in Italy for 6000€. Now i can only find one from italy for 8500€!! And not even a very good condition.

Have anyone sold P4 recently? For what money? send me a private message if you dont want say in public.

If the prices are really this high and going up like this, maybe I shouldn't sell it yet :paranoid:
With the car follows another P4 in parts.

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Hi, in Italy we still have some of these (lovely) cars, so are not so rare;
moreover, for a recent law here cars are vintage/classic only when they have
at least 30 years (before it was 20 years, with reduction of taxation and insurance),
so actually a 33 16v P4 is assessed quite low at about 1500-3000e, also because
of complex maintenance and high taxation; here one example at 2000e:
Alfa romeo 33 - 1993 1.7 16v q.v Auto usata - In vendita Ascoli Piceno
Probably in Italy prices will grow a lot when the model will have 30 years.

There are also some few professional dealers that buy a 33 that
was on internet and it was already a difficult sell at low price
and after they put the same car on internet at extremely high price (x2 or x4),
99% never sell the car at that price, probably they just do a try.

But a better part for you is that out of Italy I imagine it is very different,
the P4 can be quite rare and exotic out of italy, so it will be assessed at more ( x2 ? )

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Oh yes, you are right, I take a wrong example,
and yes actually there are very few advertisement for p4
and all more assessed than I wrote, it was my mistake.

A friend of mine reported to me the real "Italy street prices" I wrote
and that he found at November 2015, when he bought a good red P4
and a second one for spares in the area of Milan, but consider actually here
prices for vintage/historical cars between 20 and 30 years are low, because
of a new law of 2015 that cancelled lower taxation/insurance for them;
Actually for a p4 here you have some ownership expenses like a new premium car:
- 700-900e for the changing owner documentation (quite crazy)
- 300-350e fixed tax every year (also if you take the car closed in your box not using it)
- full insurance (not lower price for vintage cars), 500-3000e at year depending on regional
area and bonus-malus

Not a big problem for more rare vintage cars, but this have strongly reduced
the number of people that want to preserve cars like 33/75/145/155/GTV etc.
But prices are going to rise also on Italy when the model will arrive near at 30 years
and will get the reduced taxation/insurance for vintage cars.
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