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Hey all.. I have bought a Brera S, and it doesn't have blue & me but it has got a Bury Handsfree device installed (CC 9060), never really used one but the phone feature works perfectly, can connect to my iphone 5s via Bluetooth, see the phone numbers and make calls.

However if I go to the music feature, the play/pause/skip track buttons work and I can see the tracks change on the iphone, but no track names come up and there is no sound. I'm thinking that perhaps it doesn't have the feature? I've seen demos where track names come up and music plays find through the stereo

Think the software is quite old so tried to update it via Bluetooth in case it was a new iphone problem but when I go to upgrade software the screen on the bury it just stays on initialising.. Sometimes I get a pop up about A2DP not being available, not to sure what this is

Also on my standard stereo if I press CD I can select AUX, is this normal? I thought there may be a separate aux unit installed but there are no connections anywhere in the car.

Any help would be appreciated, otherwise may have to look at taking the lot out and just replacing the head unit but don't really want to spend £400!

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