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Hi there, my 156 digital climate control panel has never worked on the drivers side. Turning the knob doesn't change temp. I assumed it was shot, today for about a minute it worked! So I assume something's wrong with the guts of the unit or the sensor on the adjuster wheel.

Anyone fancy fixing it for me. I've had it to bit before but got scared and put it back together sharpish!!!!

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There is a small light sensor (that detects movement of the dial) that usually has a bit of a dry joint which is pretty easy to get to. It sounds like yours has this exact problem ... go on give it a go

(and if you come unstuck just post up some pictures of the problem area and I'm sure someone ... maybe even me!! might be able to help you over the interweb )

oh and when you take it apart you'll see how ripped off we are with the "dual" climate control because even though there are 2 holes (one each side) for the temp sensor only 1 of them actually contains a sensor!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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