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Hello guys,
I'm dead keen on purchasing some styling bits from Unicorse Engineering in Japan (; I've sent them an email ([email protected]) but this address appears not to be working. I am not sure if they are still trading or not. I've tried to contact them via telephone (Office:06-4865-4774, Shop:06-4865-4776) but I cannot seem to get through to them.

If there is a Japanese Alfa Romeo owner amongst us, could you please be kind enough to give them a ring and find out if they're still trading, if they have a new email address and most importantly if they have someone there who speaks English? Could you please let me know?

Thank you,


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Hey Taz,

I don't speak Japanese but... goto - you can translate what ever you neave both ways & give a nicely understandable conversation going.

A word or warning, because of the Japanese grammar etc some of the replys will be really amusing wink

Hope this helps..

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