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I wonder if anyone knows the name of these wheels please.
They are Zenders but what style are they please i have bought them as it was love at first sight i had even clicked on the buy it now before i checked they would fit my GTV. I had a little voice saying these are a damn good price buy me.
I have paid £150 for 4 of these i thought an absolute bargain at the time but are they for that price ?
I have only seen them on a ZENDER concept car called a " Zender Progetto 5"
Just wanted to know more about them they are seventeens.
PCD is 98 by five holes 7J 17" offset is 38
I have 16" Teles at the moment which i recently had bare stripped re powder coated and lacquered and hope i can flog these to put towards new rubber.
I am taking a wild guess at 225 45 17's for tyre size
Any comments welcomed good or bad :lol:

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I think they'll fit ok.

I'd probably fit 215/45s as they're 7J not 7.5J & 15mm to 25mm(22mm to be safe) spacers should fill out the wheelarches nicely without causing any rear clearance problems.

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