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Hi All

Ive got a 09 Mito 1.3JTDM which I bought early this year from a non alfa dealership. I had a change of oil back in June, and last month started to receive another change of Oil message along with the "anti-pollutant filter" clogged. So again off I went and got the oil changed, to which both errors dissapearded.

About 2 weeks agio the anti-polutant message intermittantly appeared again (although this usually cleared after my trip to work (about 17 miles each way)but today the "Change oil" warning has again appeared. Ive only done about 400 miles since the last oil change in late september and starting to get a litttle concerned now that there is something more wrong.

The car drives fine normally, but when the "Anti-Pollutant clogged" message comes on, the exhaust is a little noiser and at times, white smoke comes out. Im guessing its needs a really good run to fully clear the anti-pollutant error,(which I was meant to be doing a long trip tommorow) but just concered that it again needs an oil change after only 400 miles:|

The car has been on the diagnostics machine about 3 weeks ago and was all clear, other than paying for another oil change. Im a bit lost at what to do.......surely it cant be oil change again( although it is quite dark and the oil is above the max~)
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