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Hi All,

Just a quick question, are the front anti-roll bars for 147's/156's now fitted with metal anti-sway collars instead of bakelite ones?

I had a new roll bar fitted around a year ago, and had noticed the other day after fitting new droplinks that the nearside front droplink was leaning against the suspension fork. I managed to push the roll bar back over to the offside (with some force), but it is now leaning against the nearside suspension fork again.

My immediate thought was that one of the sway collars had broken (which was what had happened to my original roll bar), but on having a closer look, they appear to be made of metal and are actually part of the anti-roll bar itself.

The bushes look fine so I am positive that these are not worn, the droplinks are new and the roll bar as I said is around one year old. Can anyone enlighten me as to what has happened here? How much oscillation should I have on the roll bar anyway, as it probably moves about 10mm from left to right - is this normal?

Many Thanks,
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