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whats this 155 super business all about?
whats the difference?
is mine a super?
im slowly learning just need guiding so please show me the way :D

The Super is a widebody which has a ride height that is 15mm higher than the rest of them (the same height as the skinny 2litre 8v).
It also has a wooden steering wheel and gearknob, and other wooden stuff around the dash and doors.

When you buy suspension and it mentions lowering from means the height of the Super which is classed as standard ride height.'s not true that the widebody cars are lower than the skinnys.
There are 2 ride heights:

1: "Standard" which is the widebody Supers and the skinny 2litre 8v
2: 15mm lower - All the other cars including the skinny 1.8litre 8v
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