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Right i`ve been thinking :rolleyes: dangerous i know but i have

Everybody knows (especially Cream) a 3.0 conversion can be a lot of hassle so i came up with an idea.....................What if i was to use the 2.5 block and fit 3.0 pistons and liners and crankshaft..............then fit the 3.0 litre heads would that solve the water pump problem :confused: would the 3.0 heads fit :confused:

Ahybody any idea`s

The liners are a different outside diameter, so you would have to machine 6 crankcase throats to fit the 3.0 L liners, this can be done, but the machining must be perfect, since if the liners arent in absolutly straight the liner/head will leak and the engine is runied.

I think the heads will match up to 2.5 crankcase, or you can certainly make them fit.

Sounds like you need to get your spaners out and try it speedy, you will solve a lot of the water issues if it works, but the engine will stand or fall on how good the machine shop can do the boring for you
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