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I have read loads of key queries here. You are a helpful bunch (and it is good to know I am not the only idiot who lost my only key!

I had to get a locksmith to gain access to my 1998 S reg 156T to retrieve something so now I have a key that opens the door and fits the ignition. It is just like a yale key. No fob.

I have ordered the key code from and Alfa dealer so I can use my key do do the emergancy start to at least get the car to the dealer.

Am I right in thinking that this key apart from allowing me to emergancy start the car is pretty much useless and I will now have to buy another key through the dealer? Or can I make use of this key? Can I buy a blank original from anywhere and get it cut and programmed if I have the code?

I am just looking for the cheapest option possible here as money is tight (isn't it always!)

BTW, I said I would tell people here how helpful Chris is. he is the guy who mends the keys on e-bay! He was going to fix my key, but it got lost in the post (something I have to take up woth Royal Mail). He was really good about me messing him about.
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