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This is the pro- version of Torque, car is 2008 147 Sport Q2 (150bhp 1.9 JTDM 16v) with Bosch EDC16C39 ECU.

Trying to check the source of my tappety-sounding cold idle, I pulled the connector off the injector on cyl #3. As expected the rattle vanished, which confirmed what I thought - that injector is in need of attention. Previous MES has shown correction factors on that injector to be excessive. I also pulled #4, which also has slightly excessive correction, but that made no change to the noise.

Still, as expected disconnecting the injectors logged fault codes, which I then cleared with Torque, apparently successfully since re-reading codes show none present. However the MCSF light is still on.

This is the second time Torque has claimed to clear codes but not done it correctly or as fully as MES (reg) does (which works 100% fine except for a reported fault on a wiper washer relay on a car without wiper washers:). Does anyone else see this with Torque?
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