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and renault does it again

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a friend got a new megane 2 years ago so still 3 years to pay and a nice balloon payment waiting and the new megane came out, needles to say he is gutted same car just looks a lot better and he wants to upgrade (going to cost him a penny or 2) and 4 months ago another friend bought him self a renault fluence and again after 4 month the new model came out and he is in tears it looks a lot better than the first one and now very unhappy with his buy
funny he was told by renault that he was the 10 000 (cant remember the correct count?) fluence sold, so it seems as soon as a certain number sold the new model comes out, so the new one is already designed and ready to hit the production line.
all they are doing is playing on your desire to drive a new car most of the goodies inside is the same just a new look and they sell it like it is a new car.

sorry mates you should have bought 159's like i said, and you would still be smiling :lol:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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