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Driving home from work on Tuesday and a loud rattling, clunking, tapping type noise started up. I pulled over and realised it was coming from the engine, so a quick call to the AA got them over.

While is was waiting I had a quick look on the forum to see what might be up, and most of the posts pointed me towards a failed big end bearing. This was particularily upsetting as I've only had the car for a few weeks and I've already fallen in love with it!

The AA chap reckon it was the cambelt was on the way out, and that I might have caught it just in time. This would be slightly better news if it was just a cambelt, but further reading on the forum said that it could still end up being very expensive.

I figured that its probably best to cut my losses and move on, and got as far as phoning around some garages and breakers to see if I could sell her on.

I had a mechanic round to look at it last night, and he seems to think it may just be a sticking tappet or variator. As he is a mate, and as I don't mind getting my hands dirty, we are going to have a go at fixing her at home. A bit of research says I can get the parts for less than £200 and he has the necessary tools for the job.

He has warned me that I may just be fixing the symptoms and not solving the problem (excessive wear caused by lack of oil), but I'm not willing to give up on her just yet!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm sure I'll be on here at some point for some advice.


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