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An 8C went to see

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Originally I planned to go to Manchester and take my picture in front of a local landmark like the cathedral, the library, or a pub. However, I'm not likely to get that done this week due to work pressures.

Then I thought what could be more iconic than my bins.


Location: My drive, Radcliffe M26
Date: 9 April 2022
Mileage: 0


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Collected from @jparkin486 this aft'

Face Tire Smile Vehicle Wheel

Top bloke, great to finally meet up. Then a whizz through the South Shropsire Hills , 52 miles, target 110mph failed and back once more to Shrewsbury. (It's parked on the tank)

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire

So, we can have @MadMotoUK swing by to collect (around Shrewsbury or N/mid-Wales Sat?) any other volunteers in the vicinity who want to meet or collect or I can post on to @Starkers who I hear may be planning another trip?

Let me know!! I might even ask @bazza if he's about!

8C update, Julian has been piling on the miles and I suspect it's been left in quite a few hotel car parks, when I got it up on the ramp bottle Cork it appears to have that bodge underseal/mastic on the underside.

Liquid Drinkware Fluid Purple Gas

I've cleared out the empties and crisp packets and given it a wipe over. There was a pair of knickers in the glove box, PM me an address and I'll post 'em to you so you can reunite them with their owner ;)

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I can bob up to J&S Northwich on the VFR Saturday lunchtime if you want although my next journey of any substance isn't until November (honeymoon in Torquay as missus' passport has expired :rolleyes:).

I'm working up in Scouse land next week so the 8C could probably fix a generator or two. I'd be a bit worried about it's alloys being stolen though :ROFLMAO:
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