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AMG iimpressed this old chap?

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Had a family get together at the ma-in-laws the other day,and one of the nephews turned up in a 6.3 litre Merc which made me get quite excited.

What a bark that V8 had when he gave it some right pedal, fair shook my old rib cage it did.

Bit extravagant really I guess, but what the hell he and his missus are young, so go for it I said?

No I didn't get a ride or drive in it yet, but live in hope maybe? :lol:
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It would have been 6.2 litres or 5.5 litres. They just badge it as 6.3 as an homage to the first Merc V8 engine which was 6.3 litres.
Young … expensive car … him a footballer or dealer? ;)

Just kidding :p
On my ultimate wish list is the big AMG CL65.. 6.0L Turbo V12.. 600+ bhp...

Not sure I'd get much mileage from the tyres mind :D
Not sure of his financial background or employ, other than the super wedding and reception that he and his now wife had at Wentworth just twelve months ago?

The AMG replaced the Beema' that was nicked just weeks after their wedding.:(:

Apparently, or so so he told me the law traced that,(all in bits ready for export, in E. Lunnan',) ID'd by the No.Plate the cops found at the villians location? :rolleyes:
Good job by the police :thumbs:
I can't believe he didn't let you have a go ZF. :(

He is a sensible young fellah' Nev, who obviously ways up the pro'and cons' of a situation before he decides ?

I'd had too much to drink the other day, in fact so that we were able to indulge both the missus and I made the short journey to Ma-in-laws using our bus passes. :):
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