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Hi guys, this may have already been answered before. But here goes.

Im after some 17's for my 147. The car is red and i thought white wheels would look pretty good. So i found the wheels i like. Momo Thunder in white. The stud pattern for the 147 is 5x98 and they dont do the Wheel in this pattern. But they do do it in 5x100.

They guy i spoke to said that they could use slightly larger bolts or something similar to that to get it to fit on the hub correctly etc. I was wondering if this is advisable, or to go for a wheel that has the correct 5x98 stud pattern.

The second thing is that the wheels come in either 7'' or 8'' wide. Im planning on dropping the car by 40mm at the front and 45mm at the rear. So which width of would be better / most advisable.

I would really appreciate your help guys. Any comments on what you think the wheels may look like are also very welcome.

I always have Momo V-10 wheels as a back up.

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