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I have tried to improve the amount of movement and sloppy feel on my 1983 Alfetta GTV by removing the worn plastic bush and replacing it with a needle barrel/roller bearing and adding needle thrust bearings on each side, it worked well. Very firm feel at the gear shift end now the only movement is at the gearbox selectors.!!

I removed the Gear Lever and redrilled/machined the existing hole to 12mm and had both side faces machined flat for the side thrust bearings to mate to.
The gear linkage bar then had to be removed and have the yoke widened for the extra width of the Gear Leaver with a thrust bearing on each side, all of the existing yoke holes had been elongated with wear so they were removed and new plates welded to the gear linkage bar. My local Nut & Bolt specialist supplied a 8mm diameter hardened bolt to put the hole thing back together.
Cost was machining by a friend, a few beers, plus bearings $AU8.00 each for the thrust bearings and $AU12.00 for the centre needle roller and $AU2.00 for the bolt, all lubricated with lithium grease for long life.

I wonder what I can do to get some of the movement out of the Gearbox selectors, the forward-aft movement is fine, but the left to right is to much, any ideas? :confused:
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