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Alfasud windscreen rubber seal

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Hi, I am preparing my 1982 Alfasud 5 door for a full respray.
Is it possible to get a windscreen rubber seal and a hatch glass rubber seal for the car or is it possible to remove the existing ones without damaging the glass or the seals?
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you can carefully peel back the rubber from inside the car and remove the screen (s) without damaging the rubber or the glass.

start along the top with a couple of blunt instruments, old screwdrivers work ok.

peel back the rubber a little at a time and fold it down and wedge it under the metal seam. keep working your way along the top and around each top corner. once you get 2/3rds way down each side the screen can be lifted out.

same for the hatch glass :thumbs:

patience is the key.

along with a steady hand. don't slip and put the screwdriver through the galss, makes you jump when that happens :D

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Thanks for advice and encouragement.
Still stripping down parts from car, delighted to see that the car was well taken care of in the past, inside of doors, behind all panels in boot area etc well covered in a waxoil type product:) Car initially registered in London up to 1988 then Ireland and service record backs up 65k miles. It was worth waiting for this one, seems very genuine and honest, I am absolutely delighted.
Same story in cavities, the wax spill and runs are to be seen, the underside needs no welding and there is no evidence of previous welding.

Sounds like a good one . The worst place is the front suspension turrets the box rots where the dirt gets trapped between the outer wing and the housing.
As said don't rush the glass it will come be patient
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