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Alfasud 16v exhaust mufflers

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My Alfasud is converting to a 16V with inboard brakes. To work around the inboard brakes, I plan to fit an ANSA crossover manifold (from a donor 1.7 Carb Sud) modified with the skewed flanges cut from the original 16V system. Maybe not an ideal solution, but it should fit OK. If not, then costly and complex reshaping of the 16V system starts...


The ANSA manifold terminates at the same diameter as the original 16V (about 50mm) - not 42mm as I originally posted - and in a slightly different location, without the 3-bolt flange for the cat.

So: what off-the-shelf centre and rear mufflers (larger than 50mm) fit a Sud configuration? What would happen (aside from being noisier) if the centre and rear mufflers were larger or different sizes? Local exhaust 'professionals' have little experience or interest in Alfa boxer motors and will 'fly blind' for any custom pipe solution.

I don't want to choke my new 16V, but I also don't want pointlessly large and noisy pipes.
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The exhaust system itself on a Sud is very simple, you can make your own using straight pipe with 2x 90deg bends and 2x 60deg bends plus a couple of off-the-shelf silencers.
The manifold is obviously the tricky bit!

As for system size, 50mm bore will be big enough, it is only a 1.7 after all!
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