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Hi There,

You will be pleased to hear that Alfa Romeo have launched an extended range of Brake Pad and Disc kits, a new range of Brake Pads, a range of Accessory kits for these brake pads, an out of production brake product range from Magneti Marelli called Classic Line Discs and Pads.:thumbs:

As you all know, the braking system is a safety critical part of the car and as such fitting the original equipment quality part is very important. These products are designed specifically for each vehicle application to give the best stopping distance along with good service life.

The new range of Brake Pads consists of both front and rear applications with the accessory fitting kits supplied separately.

Please see the attached spreadsheet, listing the applications of the intial launch(more applications to follow) along with RRP's & a special price to members & Motor trade outlets. If you are having difficulties opening it, drop me a PM with your email or an email to [email protected] & I will send you the list.

As always, please get in touch with your vehicle details(reg or VIN) & I will check that we have the correct parts for your vehicle before you buy.

Thanks for looking

Chris McHardy
Tel: 01738 444555


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