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Hi all,

Ive been thinking about changing the factory stereo in my 147 as it jumps a far bit when you go over bumbs while playing a CD.

My only concern is will the controls on the steering wheel still operate the stereo?

Has anyone changed their stereo? do the still work?

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refer to the ICE forum for more info. :)

yes, plenty of aftermarket headunits cater for steering wheel controls, though mostly the mid-/high-spec models, whether it be alpine, pioneer, blaupunkt, etc.

without a budget or any other priorities, i won't suggest anything specific, though please feel free to list what you want:
*RCA preouts (for amplifiers)
*iPod connectivity
*tuning features: EQ, crossovers, time correction
*brand loyalty, warranty, build quality
*sound quality
*fascia colour
*button/display colour

1 - 3 of 3 Posts