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Finally started getting to grips with the old girl. Despite the rain (which hasnt stopped since I bought it). The plan is to have her on the road and ready for a Goodwood trackday in July.
The car is registered as a Morris Minor special 2000cc !!, so road legal..Just the way it was done in the early days before SVA tests. At some point she still had the Minor 1000cc engine and was a single seat racer. As with most of these early specials, they underwent many upgrades and changes during their lives, though few I would guess as radical as this one!
My initial assumptions were based upon the description of parts included in the history with the car. Alfetta running gear etc. Now though having had a chance to tinker,my suspicions have been aroused.
I began questioning the Alfetta story when I looked under the back of the car to discover no gearbox. Its connected to the engine with a bell housing. (All looks very Alfa GT2000 though I could be wrong) Shortened ? propshaft is attached to a diff, no inner brakes.
Ive taken a couple of pics in case someone could identify them :thumbs:.
As for the engine, the engine No is :AR00512*80878* so could well be from an Alfetta, though I cant find any info post 1972 ;)
If anyone knows haw to identify the displacement for the "head" id be grateful. I read somewhere that it was identified by the markings ie "2 0" for 2litre cast on the front of the head. Ive had a look at the head on the car and its clearly got "2 4" cast on the front, I wasnt aware there was a 2.4, maybe the deisel, but that sounds ridiculous. I could be barking up the wrong tree though. I can understand the need for a bigger head (ooh errr),
because of the turbo and nos kit and compression ratios and things, but when I eventually blow the aforesaid head gasket im gonna have to identify and change it!
I reported before there was a fuelling problem. Which was no undestatement!, upon turning on the ignition, the fuel tank completely emptied itself into the engine,(top and bottom!), exhaust, airbox and all attached pipework!!. So much so that it began flowing out of the dipstick!!. I took the airbox off and discovered one of the venturis had melted, see pic.
Checked the fuel system and found that the fuel return pipe had been cut at some point and repaired using a pice of hose and 2 jubilee clips, tightened so much that the return flow had been stopped altogether, forcing fuel under 2 bar of pressure to find another route!
The melted Venturi is a 7848.4 DLHA, All the ones ive found are .3 and Dellorto are out of stock. If anyone has one please get in touch.
Despite this I repaired the pipe, disconnected the nos and turned off the turbo, and with a jump she fired up. No rattles or bangs, so im feeling a bit more positive now.
Today i got the lights working after getting a wiring diagram for a pug 406, as you do; The switches and wiring are pug, the column is cortina.
As for other spec ive identified:
Master cylinder from Rover 3.5 Sdi, Austin Princess front swivel joints, Cortina front discs.The history says the rear discs are Alfetta though theyre not on the inside.
Gonna strip down the turbo tomorrow, weather permitting, and will report back.
Any help is much appreciated, Im far from an Alfa expert.
Cheers gents


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