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Hi, all I hope I can help you with the experience I had with my alfa Romeo spider Veloce 2.0 litre 105 model in tipo.
I searched on the net and asked in alfaclassics around the corner from me as the brakes were binding. They suggested the brake light switch which can go faulty, heat up the fluid and start to bind brakes.
They also suggested calipers which was my first try as they are old, looked rusty and although my mechanic friend Harry tried to help free them. The issue persisted.
Other options are the pipe under the master dual brake cylinder can cause issues. The master cylinder seals.
It turned out that mine was the flexi pipes. there are three in total. one at the rear which was affecting my back brakes and two at the front.
When i was bleeding my brakes it was very hard to push the pedal down. Also it only went half way down. When Dave suggested it could be the flexi pipes it was tested and as soon as we fitted the back pipe the brakes stopped binding. I also changed the front pipes at the same time and the pedal when bleeding the brakes went all the way down to the floor.
Cost wise it was only around ten pounds a flexi and the calipers I paid around 200 hundred pounds. I hope this fix helps you and if you ever need a mechanic. Dave Cross works in Crystal Palace who mentioned the flexi. Harry works in Croydon.
regards Vincenzo
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