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according to this

Mazda CX-7 2.3 MZR DISI Turbo | BOFFER.CO.UK, Your Daily Deal

If you know this surprisingly reputable company, it's just another one of their little sales jokes.

Gave me a little fright for about 1 split second.

(good price on the Mazda though!!) - this link won't make sense to anyone who looks at the link tomorrow....So I have copied the text below.

Now that the recession has taken hold of every major commercial enterprise by the short and curlys its a wonder that the ruthless beast hasn`t been targeting car manufactures more then it has already. I mean don`t get me wrong, I know that the motor industry has taken a left hook from time to time and a knee in the groin every now and then but all in all it has came out better then the likes of Kerry Katona who decided that now she was advertising Iceland she had to spend all her money on the food and try and eat her way out of debt…that didn`t work.

However, last night three major car manufactures declared bankruptcy all within hours of each other. Alfa Romeo, Renault and Peugeot all claimed that one car was to blame for their downfall - The MAZDA CX-7.

A spokesman for Renault issued this statement - "We simply cannot compete with this car. Its curvaceous body and killer engine is simply no match for the rust buckets that we have been producing.

Peugeot added "We wont lie on our backs and take this like a girl! We will fight to the end. We plan to stand together on a united front and stand up to this super car that is destroying our market!"

The new company, which comprises of all three manufacturers is going to be called Cars by Renault AlfaRomeo and Peugeot and they will shorten it to C.R.A.P - we don`t think they have really thought this through properly.

Their plan is to make a car that will at the least match the MAZDA CX-7if not beat it. However they are as yet able to make the car for less then £120,000.

The MAZDA CX-7, which is the first car and non human to be dubbed Sir by the Queen at a ceremony last Wednesday, is due to be sold on the Boffer website at an astonishing price tonight - but they wont last for long.

In the mean time we just have to hope that C.R.A.P come up with a better name and Mazda don`t run out of parts so they can keep on making this outstanding car!

Tech Spec:
Colours available - Brilliant Black,Galaxy Grey, Copper Red

All cars are pre-registered with delivery mileage only - are 2009 (59) plates with 12-months Road Fund Licence.

Condition: Pre-registered 2009 (59) plates - Delivery Mileage ONLY

Warranty: Full Manufacturers Warranty.

Best price on net: On the Road Retail Price is £24,595.00

Note: Once you have placed an order please Raise a Ticket with your preferred colour.

To see the full Tech spec please click here

To see the standard options with the car please click here

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14K...interesting. While getting my 6 TS2 serviced recently, I was looking at a showroom CX-7. They had marked it down from 24 K to just under 17K - a brand new vehicle. Asked the sales chap, and he said that although it was a fabulous vehicle, it was expensive, and only came with a petrol engine, which was very thirsty - this had killed sales of the vehicle in the UK. I looked at it, and was very impressed with the style and especially the interior. It's a bit of a big beast...parking would be fun. They are quite plentiful in the US, but I have to say I can't recall the last time I saw one on the road here. Latest news from dealer, received yesterday in the post, made no mention of this vehicle at all - perhaps it is being dropped from their line ?
Apparently they are now replacing the petrol with a diesel unit...looks like they learnt their lesson :thumbs:
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