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Hi, we (..:: HAVELLAND EXPRESS - Polska ::..) are organising an action of bombing Ferrari with e-mails requesting them to put Alfa's logo on their cars in the 2010 season. I hope we ALL can make a difference! Please write to: [email protected]. For those lazy ones here's a template - it's not perfect but I think it should suffice:

Dear Ferrari,

I'm writing to you as an Alfa Romeo enthusiast. I believe that this year is a special one due to Alfa's centenary and F1's 60 years.
Since Alfa Romeo was the first F1 champion as well as Enzo Ferrari's first team, it would be a nice to give some tribute to the company that is one of the most important in the legacy of Italian motor sports history.
Enzo has always been very respectful to Alfa and I think he would definitely not mind putting Alfa's logo on this season's cars that take part in the F1 competition.
Since Ferrari and Alfa Romeo are part of the Fiat group (which logo is placed on Ferrari cars) I think it would be quite natural to show that Alfa Romeo is supporting the team as well.
I believe Ferrari will regain the title this year and that all Alfa Romeo fans all over the World could feel that their favourite cars manufacturer had part in the success of the Italian team.
I do hope to see Alfa's logo showing up in F1 again - even if it is just a small badge put on the red Ferrari car.

Best regards,

Thanks in advance for your help.
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