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Hi all.
I need your help. I was driving my Alfa Romeo Giulietta when it gave me a check engine warning sign then it shut down. The initial investigations did show that there was low compression on cylinder 3 & 4. The gasket was blown between the two cylinders. The Multi Air Unit was faulty as well thus had to be replaced with a new one but now it is failing to start. It does crank but cannot start. The following was done on the car as well:
• New cylinder head gasket set was put
• New oil filter
• New spark plug set
• Full cambelt service

There are no faults or warning signs by the dashboard. An electrician did check for electrical faults but couldn’t find any. The mechanic says there is no power to the MA. What other options can we look at so that we try to rectify the problem? Thanks in anticipation.
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