Make:Alfa Romeo
Mileage:125000 M
Engine:3.0 V6
The sad day has arrived whereby my beloved 166, which I have owned since 2011 and used as a daily driver, is not economically viable for me to repair. It was running fine until last December but unfortunately is now at McLellan's garage in Edinburgh with a coolant issue so it requires a head gasket. I have had to Sorn the car since it has been in the garage because it was due its MOT back in December. Timing belt is due this year too, so advisable to get this done at same time as engine is out. I just can't afford these jobs together, hence my reluctant sale, but it really has been a great car to drive and had loads of positive comments about it!

The 166 is the 3.0 V6 Busso engine (2002), on approx. 125,000 miles and in Proteo Red with grey Momo leather interior. It's the 'Super' spec with xenon lights etc. and I had fitted a Ragazzon exhaust and rear parking sensors, plus have a full set of 17" alloys with a spare 16" set with Pirelli Sottozero winter tyres on. Previous owner had soundproofed/insulated cabin to reduce road noise. It's in really good condition overall, including leather interior seating, and been well-looked after over the years. Fairly recent repairs in the last few years have included drive shaft, headlight unit, radiator, suspension parts, clutch and exhaust.

In terms of current issues and potential repairs - ICS unit display doesn't work although main heater controls do. One rear window regulator gone (window won't open) and heated driver's seat not working. When the car went into the garage for the MOT, the other minor issues that needed sorting were re-tightening handbrake and repairing the driver's window switch (had come loose). New 'summer tyres' will be required later. There are a few minor paintwork issues; paint de-lamination on wing mirrors, slight 'bubbling' along edge of front wing panels and a slight ding in driver's door.

As the car is currently over in Loanhead, Edinburgh EH20 9AS (but I'm based in Glasgow) I haven't got more photos including damage etc. to hand, but I'm happy to provide further details or info' on here. Alternatively, you would be welcome to view/inspect the car at McLennan's. I do have a full service history and folder containing every single receipt, MOT sheets, repair info right back to the previous owner from new.

I feel sad about being forced to give up but would rather the car goes to another enthusiast than get general scrap value which I will have to do if no sale and I need to start saving for my next Alfa! I'm open to any fair offer based on condition and repairs, considering it could still be a going concern or used as a donor or for decent parts etc.