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Hi All,

I have a fair amount of Alfa parts in the garage to clear and thought I'd offer them here before doing the eBay thing.

Everything is for a 2003 pre facelift 147 2.0 5 door selespeed (lusso, dark blue, unmarked exterior, full unmarked leather, clutch <2 years, 100k with full documents for 6k oil service regime and belts done on the button) or Alfa's that shares parts with it.

The car will also go when I find the ideal Saab I'm after.

New items still in packaging - Original / Birth / Eicher and Pagid brakes:
Anti Roll Bar
Front drop links x 2 set (4)
Front brake discs x 2
Rear brake discs x 2
Front brake pads x 2 sets
Rear brake pads x 1 set
Front wheel bearing x 2
Hub bolts x 2
Spark plug set (8)
Oil Filters x 5
Pollen filter x 1 (2 part set)
Air Filter x 1
Inner front cv joint x 2
Outer front CV joint x 1
Brake switch x 1
Selespeed relay x 1
Exhaust rubber hanger x 1

Used parts:
16 inch selespeed alloys with tyres x 4 (legal but don't get them for the tyres)
16 inch selespeed alloys - no tyres x 2
Front full suspension hubs x 2
Front window regulators x 2 (both sides)
Radiator and fan assembly x 1
Cooling hoses full set x 1

I'd like if a fellow Alfa owner fancied the lot and collected from Croydon, individuals items were collected and will post at cost if going to good homes.

Any interest in parts or the car shortly (August) reply or drop me a pm.


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I really need the Pump for my GT 2006 Selespeed Japanese Version as Gear doesnt change from Neutral to none others.

Chris from AOG, suggested to me that might be due to the pump as we found that error too. Which resulting the Fuse to cut off, doesnt work anymore.

Any suggestion on this and where to buy parts, as I am from Myanmar and need the parts to be shipped to Singapore at least. I can make online payment for the parts and service.

Thanks and appreciated for yr time.

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