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Autocar this week, has published the FIAT Auto Group's "road map" for the way ahead.

Interestingly it has the following introduction dates

Milano (149) 2011

SUV cross :vomit: (Why oh why!) 2011

Guilia (159 replacement) 2012

I believe the dates may be model years rather than calendar years..... either that or the masterplan has been put back slightly.

There will be a new Fiat Chroma in 2012 as well - maybe shared platform with 159?

I didn't read the magazine in detail and haven't got a copy to hand (credit crunch) so not sure if there is any more information.

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My last 2 cars were "SUV's" and brilliant as the 159SW is, an SUV is what I will go back to

I like the higher driver position, the huge boot, the road presence, etc.

If AO have an SUV I will stay with the marque:thumbs:

Any images of the proposed SUV to keep me happy;)

Liked it so much have a new avatar........
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