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Hello there

First thread..

I'm experiencing a quite annoying habit of my beloved GTV(114kw, with minor performance tuning- decat, whole exhaust system sport, sportfilter, AC removed, soon chiptuned up close to 200 horsepower).

I like keeping my car in the best condition..

I have an issue while shifting from 2nd gear to 3rd at high revs.. It kind of grinds if I shift quickly and I can hear a small popping sounds. :devious:
It doesn't pop out or similar things.. :paranoid:
But if I wait between the shift a second, for the revs to calm down a bit, it goes in without any grinding. Synchron bearings?

I changed oil a month ago, quality one, it solved the issue of slowly popping out of the 1. gear if I didn't hold it at high revs..
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