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After much soul searching and desperately trying to find the time (In short supply) I have decided to part with my Beloved GTV Twin Spark. After the Head gasket gave way a few years back ( See previous Post, for dates and how long it's been sitting on the drive) I just haven't got round to fixing it and the good lady wants it gone.

Before she gave way ( The car not the wife) it had done 104k, was well looked after, used everyday on a good a road commute and all the running gear was nice and tight. This car just needs some TLC to bring it back to life and I just cannot bear to see it scrapped. It's black, with a full leather interior,1998 model and will be missed. It's Sorn, a complete car and has all the parts including a space saver spare, door rubbers, etc. It really breaks my heart to admit defeat but it has to go.

I wanted to give an enthusiast a chance to bid on this in advance of putting on Ebay and seeing it being ripped apart. So make me an offer. It's on the drive in West Norfolk, just outside Downham Market and off the A10. If no one is interested then I wouldn't mind some friendly advice as to what I should list it for on Ebay.

Thanks everyone...sniff...sniff...:cry:
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