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There are a good few for sale in Republic of Ireland at the moment-
But why are they not selling???

The same ones are up for sale for weeks and weeks

I went to see this car a year ago, and he wanted 6000 euros for it

It is FAR from mint, and needs a whole lot of work to get it there, but its much cheaper now

alfa gt For Sale in Dublin : €2,700 -

I would be tempted to put an nct on it, and have it professionally painted if it would sell

But the way things look, theyre not ....AT ALL

any opinions???

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You're not sure why it's not selling? Read the ad:

"05 alfa in mint condition nct just up but will fly tru ,has 2monts tax timing belt done at 120k just serviced all electric,air con cruise control lovely car to drive,willing to swap for a van with money your way for the right van,please no more timewasters
Price: € 2,700 (EUR)
Approx. Price: in GBP: £ 2,310"

No SH?
Not to mention the wording...

They should be queuing up! :rolleyes:

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Fair points about the NCT

however, in this economic climate, people are selling their cars rather than spend the money to get them through nct becuase, well, they just havent got the money

I viewed this car last year, and the guy is an out of work builder- (as are many builders in Ireland) and he needs the cash- thats what I gathered from what he said at the time

anyways- that car was an example, as to a gt, even without NCT only for sale at 2700
and not selling

there are plenty for sale in ireland that have been for sale for not just weeks, but months

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