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Alfa GT stereo install question.

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New to the site but finding it very useful already but hope you will be able to answer a couple of questions?

I'm planning to change the stereo on my 57 reg GT this weekend, I have read the how to guide but can you tell me if their is a cage for the existing unit and if so will a pioneer single din unit fit in it? If not how does the new cage fix into the dash, I assume you use the facia adapter plate and the back is held up by the plastic bar at the back?

The pioneer unit has Bluetooth phone in it but what is the best route and how easy is it to run the microphone cable from the back of the head unit to somewhere up near the interior light?

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I have just finished adding a Kenwood KIV-700 to my GT today so can answer your questions:

1) The Alfa headunit does not have a cage but I assume a cage will come with your Pioneer unit and that will slide straight in, with a bit of force:rolleyes:

2) I too have a mic for bluetooth and found it very easy to run the cable from the unit to above the windscreen (didn't quite have enough cable to reach the interior light). You just need to loosen off the panels either side of the steering wheel run the cable through and then run it up the pillars. I used a plastic implement (like a knife) to push the cable into the lining that runs up the pillar and this worked very well.

Hope that helps.
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