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Alfa GT Not Locking Doors (among other things)

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Hi everyone,

I have a kind of an urgent issue with my 05 Alfa GT, 1.9.

I am unable to lock the doors properly with the remote or key.

It locks and then immediately unlocks. Alarm starts blinking, though. Sometimes, if I try locking another time immediately after it fails to lock, it locks and stays locked. I noticed that it is more likely to work the second time if I had turned on the ignition before that.

If I lock using the key in the driver's door, same thing happens.
If I lock with the key and keep the key turned, I feel the mechanism trying to unlock the door, but it stays locked. Issue is that the passenger door still unlocks.

I also tried sitting in the car and using the button to lock the doors. It worked a few times, but most of the times it fails to lock as well.

I tried the LED FLASH codes of the console lock button and when I unlock it with the remote, it blinks once, indicating an issue with the driver door/sensor.

Not sure if it is a coincidence, but it started happening after I took it to an automated car wash.

I read on here others mentioning a door lock sensor that may get wet/dirty, but I can't figure out where it's located so I can check it.
I also read someone mentioning cables behind the Head unit (ICS?) being heated up by a damaged heater matrix. (Which can maybe relate to issue 3 from below.)

I have noticed a few weird things happening in the past month.

1. The speaker in the passenger door simply stopped working suddenly, while music was playing. Was fixed when the door was opened and never malfunctioned again. (Can it be an issue with the cables there, which may be affecting the door as well?)
2. Windows are getting fogged up easy and I have to press the unfog button to clear them.
3. Head unit is getting very warm while I am traveling. Not sure if this was the case before, but I noticed it recently. And the reason I noticed it was because my CD changer pauses out of nowhere and I need to press the PLAY button in order for it to start. And then it pauses again in a few seconds. Before it pauses, the screen shows the radio bands for a brief second and then goes back to the CDC (CD changer) screen. (Can this indicate an issue with heat coming from the back of the unit and affecting the cables?)

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I can try doing any basic procedures myself. The more advanced stuff I will relay to my mechanic when I take the car in.
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If it's the driver's door causing the C/L issue, could it not be the wiring loom that passes through the A pillar into the door? It's a common failure point on many different cars. Possible that it's also the cause of the parasitic drain if there's a short in there.
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