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Alfa GT Idle / Power issue(s)

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Did post in another thread but I've seem to have grown some more issues related to the original one. So would like some further guidance...

Car = 2006 Alfa GT 1.9JTDm, just hit 50,000. FSH. Recently had new glowplugs and a relay + oil service

#1 - Idle would be pretty uneven and even make the car shudder very slightly
#2 - On long motorway drives there seemed to be more turbo lag below 2,000rpm or it'd stutter before the turbo wakes up and power comes on
#3 - Started up recently to drive to work, after about 200metres in first gear the power/turbo completely died, i was in first with my foot down, revs would barely climb so practically rolled 20metres with no engine (engine was on). Then it sorta went back to normal
#4 - Same day I was driving with the engine semi-fully warmed up and it'd hesitate when i put my foot down in gear, or it'd be a mini shudder before speeding up.

I dunno if it's the EGR valve that's clogged up because it's been a motorway muncher all its life, maybe the last 5,000miles its been 50/50 town and A road.
Also the turbo itself seems fine, barely any smoke, lots of power when the turbos spinning, MPG isn't too terrible either.
No warning lights on the dash either

Any guidance will be appreciated very much
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My '99 156 JTD 2.4 suddenly had lost all the power, I couldn't even move the car idling on first gear, and had to rev up to 2500rpm to move. The EGR was no doubts about it.
Normally, releasing the clutch without care at idle speed, would make the car move fast and crunch the neighbour's car easily , it has a lot of torque! Now it was like if the engine was dying while releasing the clutch slowly.
The problem was the MAF. After getting a friend's MAF for testing, the car instantly got the high torque again.
Th Mechanic said that the MAF was reporting an insane air mass. He said it was reading 6.000mg of airflow instead the usual 450mg. So the ECU was injecting a lot of fuel, making the burn too rich and lossing power, and diesel!
Sadly the turbo broke up 2 days after...damn!
Sorry for my bad english. I have very poor grammar about motors even in my mother language! :p
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