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Alfa GT Coolant loss from cap

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Alfa GT 2005 1.9jtdm, GTB 2056v, FMIC, 299 injectors from Giulietta etc etc, was at 255hp/480Nm

Few days ago i got error "max coolant temp" and i saw temp on 130C while driving on fast road 170kmh :D
Coolant broke through cap, dont know the reason.. There is a lot of white smoke coming from exhaust.
Car is at mechanic at the moment to check what happened.

Engine head will probably need grinding (polishing), head gasket will be changed etc.. While engine is disassembled, is there anything more worth doing on the engine?
I want to keep this car for many more years, so if anything else is good to change, please advise.
Service maintenance was done 2 weeks ago, Continental timing belt etc

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts