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Can anyone help please with a groaning noise on left and right lock when driving forward round a corner (not in reverse), and only once the car is warmed up.

I have a 2004 Alfa GT 3.2 v6. Last September I had a Q2 diff fitted and it was fine. In November I had Eibach lowing springs and Koni FSDs fitted all round, and since then when the car is warm (after about 10-15 minutes driving) on turning left or right I get a loud groaning noise. Enough for a pedestrian to turn their head!

I have changed the aux belt, idlers and tensioner. The power steering fluid is at the right level (on max). Under no load there is no undue noise from the steering. The wheels (17" with 245 tyres) don't foul the bodywork. The suspension (bottom links) was replaced with the Q2.

I also noticed on the forum that someone suggested there could be a build up of corrosion on the inner brake disks that touched a guard but I have removed this also to no effect.

So I am really stuck. Has anyone had this or found a solution please?? Has the lowering altered something to cause this?

Thanks, Graham Barlow ([email protected])
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